Best Samsung spy software | What are the top phone spyware apps on the market today?

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Samsung phone spy

When it comes to choosing Samsung spy software there are two major apps which really stand out. These will be discussed in this review but before that there is something which you need to know about cell phone surveillance programs for this phone and that is, it depends primarily on the operating system of the phone or otherwise known as the o/s. Samsung phones carry a number of operating systems so you would have to ensure that the phone you wish to use Samsung phone spy software on has either Windows mobile, Android or Symbian operating systems. If this is not the case then you will be unable to monitor that particular cell phone.

When someone is looking at spyware for a Samsung phone there are usually two criteria which are considered these are features and also price. Usually both these attributes are related which means the more features you wish then the more you will have to pay. You will also realise that the more features which you have then the more likely the truth of your situation will be revealed to you. The best advice when choosing the right app is to look at what will give you the results oppose to the cost. Typically the cost of not knowing usually outstretches the price of any spyware app bought.

What are some recommended Samsung spy apps to use?

In this review as mentioned earlier we concentrate on the two best spy programs for Samsung. Each will have its pro and cons but you as the individual will have to decide which works best in your situation. The number one is Spybubble followed by Mobistealth. The major considerations which placed these two on the top are reliability and also cost.

Below is a brief description of each application and for more information you will be directed further.

#1 Spy bubble

spy bubble trial

This is the most popular Samsung surveillance software on the market today. It contains the right features to get the job done as well at a great price. Typically it can handle about 95% of the situations out there. If you need a bit more boost then you can look at Mobistealth instead.

Features include:  sms (text message) monitoring; Samsung phone tracking; email capturing; phone book details; url monitoring; call logging; picture logging

Compatible phones: You will be able to spy on Symbian, Android, iphone, Blackberry and Windows Mobile based phones

Price Range: $49.95USD regular

For more information and a demo you can .

#2  Mobistealth

mobistealth pro x

Mobistealth is a Samsung spy app which comes in three variations which are Lite, Pro and Pro-x.  In each package the functionality and cost varies accordingly.The Lite being the most basic features (similar to the no. 1 contender) and the others build upon those features. The Pro and Prox have the same features as the Lite version however they will also allow you to listen into a cell phone conversation (cell phone tapping); listen to the surroundings of the mobile (e.g. use the cell phone as a bugging device) and more.

Full Features includes: sms surveillance, cell phone gps tracking; call logging; picture logging; phone book details; calendar details; url monitoring; video and picture capturing; reverse cell phone look up service; Samsung phone tapping; the ability to listen to surroundings; sim card notification.

Compatible phones: You will be able to monitor  Blackberry, iphone, Android,  Symbian and Windows Mobile based phones

Price range: $39.99USD to $249.99USD

For more information and a demo Mobistealth Samsung spy software

Samsung spying frequently asked questions

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When it comes to dealing with Samsung spying there are usually a lot of questions which are asked however, are not always catered for on most websites. In this question an answer section we will attempt to answer some of the most common questions so that you can hit the ground running with your Samsung phone spy software. If you have any additional queries you should ask us via the contact page. We can then further our database of answers. Let’s now go to what you are most interested in which are the answers.

Is using  cell phone spy software legal?

The answer to that question is yes. This technology is used all over the world by surveillance companies and government agencies. It is a tool and like any other tool can be used for legitimate or illegitimate reasons. An example of illegal use of this software is for purposes such as company espionage or stalking. Typical legitimate use of spyware is to monitor an employee or your children because the phone is usually your property. If you are interested in any other use then you definitely should seek the advise of a legal professional because rules change between different jurisdictions.

Do you need internet to use this technology?

Yes, the information gathered by the Samsung phone spy will be sent to your personal profile or email through the internet. Without, this connection it will be impossible to acquire surveillance details. However be aware that you do not need the internet to be working constantly (like in a data plan) to use this technology. It just needs to connected sometime during the day for example through wifi at home. The downside is that the information will not be sent real time which means you will only see the data when the phone is connected.

Do you need to have physical access to install these programs?

Yes, this is because there is no surveillance program which exists that will allow you to do a remote install. Therefore you will have to acquire the mobile in question and then download and setup the product on it. It is not complicated so you do not have to worry actually it will take less than ten minutes to complete.

What are the best apps to use currently?

The two best apps when it comes to spying on Samsung are Spybubble and Mobistealth. These are the two most reliable products which you can find on the market today. There features vary however you will be able to discover what is going on with the person in question. If your partner is cheating or your employee is stealing then you will know. If you would like to find out more about there features then read our review section.

For more information on Spybubble

For more information on Mobistealth .

Is it possible to tap a Samsung?

Yes,the ability to listen into a phone conversation is considered one of the most sought after features when it comes to mobile phone monitoring. The only reason why people are deterred is because of the price. It can cost between $79.99USD and $349.99USD to acquire this feature. There are actually only two Samsung spying apps which carry this feature. For more information take a look in our phone tapping section in the menu.