Free Samsung spy apps – Which software will allow you to spy on this particular cell phone for free

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free samsung phone spyingIf you are looking for free Samsung spy app then there is only one app available which will allow you to do this. You will not be able to spy on the cell phone forever however it does give you a free 7 day trial with no commitment or contract involved on your part. You may be wondering, what does this means for you? Well for starters if you were to discover the truth during the trial period then you would have resolved your problem without paying a cent. Also if you were uncertain about whether spy software for a Samsung phone actually works then you will see first hand how well it functions.

If after the 7 days are completed and you need more time or you realise that this Samsung spyware app is right for you then you can convert the trial to a subscription. It is as simple as that and you would not have to re install the application or anything.

What is the name of this program?

The name of the Samsung phone spy app mentioned earlier is Mobile Spy. It is one of the most popular surveillance programs which you can find around on the internet today. It does not only allow you to monitor a Samsung phone but Blackberry, iphone, Symbian and much more. Its features include:

  • Call logging
  • Cell phone gps tracking
  • Calendar logging
  • Text message or sms spying
  • Website tracking
  • Email interception
  • Picture and Video capturing (once taken by the phone)
  • Live control (see the phone screen as the user does including additional functionality)

If you use a combination of these features usually you will be able to discover what is going on with the person you are watching. Features such as  cell phone tracking is usually one of the most popular ones because it tends to give you the detail you want. Heck, since you will know exactly where the Samsung phone you are spying on is you can go and confront the person in question. This particular function is that powerful but only works with a phone which has gps capabilities (usually this is a standard function).

How do I get started using this free Samsung spy software?

It is not difficult to start spying on a Samsung phone for free you just need to sign up for the trial and you can do that if you  . If at the end of your test run you decide to take it a bit further then you will just need to pay for the subscription and the price range from $49.99USD to $129.99USD. An added perk to this technology is a free computer key logger when you purchase the annual subscription. Therefore you will be able to monitor the person’s cell phone as well as their computer which is definitely a great deal.

If you would like to find out more about Mobile spy and its features in general just

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